Saturday, 19 May 2012

Meet the dinosaurs

THEY are here! The dinosaurs, all 30 of them, are roaming the National Science Centre in Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
Unlike their ancestors, these dinosaurs are here to have a roaring good time educating and entertaining visitors about their lifestyle and food habits.
These mechatronic dinosaurs are the main stars at the Dinosaurs Live Exhibition which is on until end of July, just perfect for the coming school holidays. These life-sized creations can move their bodies and limbs, blink their eyes and roar like the real thing.

Visitors young and old can experience the world of these extinct giants with their intimidating size and ferocious roars.
The explanatory boards give and facts about these dinosaurs which dominated Earth some 65-250 million years ago.
Visitors will also learn about the animal’s  anatomical characteristics, food patterns and habitats.
These dinosaurs are truly intercontinental — their fossils have been discovered in almost all the five continents and come in various sizes and colours.
Some are downright cute, like the ones found in China with a fleece of golden fur and another huge fellow with a horn, which gives the creature a goat-like mien rather than that of a typical dinosaur. Surely, you would want to pat it rather than run away!
To make the experience more fun, take part in Outrun A Dinosaur. You run on a track that has a speed device. You are competing against the various dinosaur speeds of locomotion.
There is also a Dinosaur Kiosk where children can colour and etch out the great creatures or ride the infamous Tyrannosaurus rex,  better known as T-Rex (of Jurassic Park fame), and his fellow terrors and take pictures for a fee.
Entrance fees are RM15 for adults and RM12 for children aged 7-12 and students with ID tags. Children below 6 enter for free.

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